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Results for 2020, the Covid -19 Year

As you know, this season was finished before it had even started, we all paid our fees and expected to get ready for when the greens opened in April, but March arrived with no winds and yet still found a way to stop us from playing a single game, it was called Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic, which eventually by mid-March sent us all into lockdown. Eventually around 9 August, we were allowed back onto the greens with certain conditions. On behalf of the Eastney players, Roger set up some competitions, which have counted as this years Eastney internal competitions, and the results are shown below. Roger also set up some friendly matches, especially with Milton Park ladies. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Eastney Club Championship Results

Club Championship:      Winner: Roger Wood                  Runner-up: Steve Randell

Club Handicap:             Winner: Dave Watkins                 Runner-up: Bill Pafford

Club 2 Wood:                Winner: Malcolm Tregoning        Runner-up: Bill Pafford

Club Pairs:                    Winners: Trevor Tyman & Roger Wood          Runners-up: John Runalls & Bill Pafford

Competition Secretary: Roger Wood