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Eastney Bowls Club

Raising funds for the club (1)

The club is raising funds for itself by using a website called Easyfundraising. You can shop for things online from major retailers, but go in via the Easyfunding website.

This is the link to the Easyfundraising website https://goo.gl/NLUBdV Click on the link, which should take you to the Eastney Bowls page (if not, use the search window and put in Eastney Bowls), when you are are in the right place, you should see a message 'Support this cause', click on it, and anything you then purchase, a percentage will come to the club.

If you click on the reminder link, if you start searching in the standard window for something online, if you look at something that can be purchased through the Easyfundraising site, a message will pop up, click on the message and it will take you back to the easyfundraising site and link through to the site that you were browsing. To date, I have paid the same price for goods, no matter where I got it from, so the Easyfundraising site doesn't mean higher prices.

Come on, when you are buying online, think of your club! Any monies raised helps to keep the fees down.