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Presidents Day 2016

The Presidents Day for 2016 was a scorcher, not only the weather, but the players to.

The President welcomed everyone to his day and after the obligatory photograph, it was down to the first event. Nine jacks were laid out between rinks 3 and 4 with one of the jacks having a mark underneath. Everyone had one wood to bowl and the one who was nearest the marked jack became the proud winner of a bottle of Vodka, to be presented later.

The next event was the spider in which each bowler had two woods, the first was bowled with your normal bowling hand, the second was bowled with you wrong hand. The winner was the one who ended up nearest the jack and also won a bottle of Vodka, to be presented later.

The next event was three rounds of six ends, with each player in turn bowling to a normal jack, the closest to the jack got 3 points, next got 2 points and third got one point. If you hit the jack you got a bonus point. There was also two bonus rounds to this section in that everyone had to bowl to one jack at the other side of the rink ....... with the wrong hand, with the closest getting 3 points next 2 points and so long as you passed the marker you got 1 point.

The next bonus round was from corner to corner, with the same marking.

The winner was Peter Norton who also won a bottle of Vodka and a trophy that was provided by Funacres.

After a great afternoon of bowling, it was round to the Presidential pad for tiffin.

Roger and his wife had laid on some drinks and a great selection of 60s music before the food arrived.

It was now time for the prize giving and Roger presented the winners wither bottles of Vodka ........ he omitted to tell them that it was a miniature.